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1. Shaharc 21/01/09 - 21:35 Hey Tammy, great riddle :D I learnt so much about greece from it, and really enjoyed every minute of it. Excellent first riddle!!! Waiting for more...
2. Scary Daydreamer 21/01/09 - 23:06 Yay, finished. I loved this riddle and learned so many interesting things. Thx so much for making this riddle. Hope to see more from you :)
3. TurningTides 22/01/09 - 11:45 TurningTides: Woohoo I survived and came out the otherside (Thanks to all my friends & their help!)...Excellent riddle Tammy can't wait for more! :D
4. Pel45 22/01/09 - 11:45 Hi Tam That was sooooo much fun. Thank you so much for making us such a lovely riddle.:D
5. Sleepyhead & Damar 22/01/09 - 18:20 thanks for the riddle Tamk we really enjoyed it hope you make a new one :)
6. deecee 22/01/09 - 19:40 Enjoyed your riddle...thanks again
7. GreiS 22/01/09 - 19:40 I LOVED IT !!! Nice work Tam !!:P
8. BnA 22/01/09 - 19:50 Thanks for sharing Tammy. I learned a little more about Greece with each level. Very fun!!!!
9. Chrisa.d 22/01/09 - 21:35 great riddle tammy! i enjoyed it so much! (Bravo mikri rouvitsa!!!)
10. Elle 23/01/09 - 05:20 An excellent riddle about Greece. Love to see more of these :D Keep up the good work TamK :)
11. BBGK 23/01/09 - 18:20 Yay! I finished! Nice riddle Tam! I learned some interesting things about your beautiful country! Thanks so much for making this!
12. Flossy k 23/01/09 - 19:55 well done Tammy for making this riddle , thank you so much , had lots of fun and learnt so much :)
13. Spice1 23/01/09 - 22:20 What a delightful riddle, Tammy! thanks so much for sharing a bit of your culture and land with us... and for taking the time and effort to create this! hugs....
14. Farmwife 24/01/09 - 03:00 Great job Tammy - thank you for taking the time to make the riddle and so very well done! Original and fun :)
15. d girl 24/01/09 - 07:00 Thanks sooooooooo much for the riddle my friend! It was awesome and ty for including me in the final level! :)
16. Balmoral 24/01/09 - 18:05 Thank you very much for this interesting riddle!!!
17. Archerhawk 24/01/09 - 22:05 Thank you very much for making this! I enjoyed it a lot! :)
18. Sonialves 24/01/09 - 22:30 Thank you so much foe such a great riddle! You did an amazing job Tammy! I had fun, it was quite interesting :)
19. Lilliputt 25/1/09 - 03:00 A wonderful riddle! Thank you ever so much for creating it!! :D
20. Clee 25/01/09 - 07:00 My special friend you have done such a good job on your riddle, I finished and loved every pic and the way you brought us to your homeland, Greece ROCKS!! and you do my friend!! Thank-you so much!!! And I was used in the riddle I LOVED IT!!!!
21. Bronwyn/Aleatha 26/01/09 - 07:15 Thank you Tamk for making this riddle, I really enjoyed it :)
22. Plastica 27/01/09 - 18:40 BEAUTIFUL RIDDLE!! Your first one is EXCELLENT!! Of course I enjoyed it very much. Thank you Tammy.
23. Sena10 31/01/09 - 05:10 My lovely friend, Your riddle was great as you! It really came in the correct measure (not so easy and no so hard). You deserve all the congrats from us. I had to do it (so sorry knowing about it a bit late, but I HAD to do it)!! And LOVED! Love you too!
24. Seven Scars 05/02/09 - 05:30  
25. GrekSport21 09/02/09 - 09:00 Thanks for an amazing riddle and thanks for representing Greece. Most of all thanks for being so willing to talk to me and being so nice. I really enjoyed this.
26. Vlc5863 16/02/09 - 20:30 Thank you tammy for an excellant riddle. The last level was so sweet. Cheers, my friend.
27. Vishal 16/02/09 - 20:40 I liked the concept that you have chosen. It was a very logical, terse and a fun-loving riddle. I would sincerely like to thank you for your endeavor behind this riddle. It was exuberant and entertainin. And i hope a new riddle from you soon. HATS OFF taaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy And i loved your concept of last levels...usually we are tensed when a last levels comes, but in your riddle its not the case....CHEERS...
28. itSFMe 22/02/09 - 20:20 he hi:D Well, I finally made it! It's really a wonderful riddle you made - you can be very proud of yourself. It was fun playing, though I must have had a plate in front of my head sometimes. Thanks for all the help and patience along the way ;) Take care!
29. Robert 09/03/09 - 12:00 Thank you Tamk, that was a great puzzle. Very clean, no guessing, and mostly a lot of fun.
30. Epidamnou 09/03/09 - 00:00  
31. alleaffar 20/03/09 - 00:00 GREAT RIDDLE!!! ciao from Italy
32. MishuAnubis 11/02/10 - 10:20 Great riddle, too bad i discover it so late.
33. khandi 16/02/10 - 03:00 Had fun playing your riddle - one year after its release! Great hints on the forum to help me through and thank you for helping me out when I really needed it.
34. Lisa 17/06/10 - 19:40 Simply wonderful. Thanks Tammy for such a gift...I played it...I finished it and now I miss it :) level 25 was so touching and made me cry, but I already told you that. I love you my dear, dearest friend. With all my heart
35. Abraxxass 17/11/10 - 00:00 great riddle, Tammy. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for creating it :D
36. Medussa 08/11/10 - 13:00 the best riddle ever.... my best regards.....
37. Nammet 08/11/10 - 15:00 Loved your riddle! Thank you for making it!:D
38. Luthorien 12/11/10 - 15:40 Hi TamK!! Great work with this riddle!! I really hope you'll make another one! ;) Amused so much!!
39. MmKiwi 14/11/10 - 06:00 It was my first Riddle and I loved it!:D Thank Tamk!
40. Kas 31/02/11 - 00:00 Hi Tammy, very nice riddle i enjoyed it. thank so much for help...Excellent game. tell me if you make a new one.:D
41. MissTerry 04/01/13 - 13:21 Finally done :D Nice riddle :)
42. Rovena 09/01/13 - 11:05 Really nice, but short riddle! Extremely good for a first attempt!! Oh, I want more riddles like this... Tamk keep on doing riddles!!!
43. mtatt100 13/01/13 - 15:44 nice...somehow missed it first time around thanks :)
44. New 18/01/13 - 00:27 Very nice, enjoyed it very much ,Thank you Tamk ! and didnt have to google much, im from Greece!
45. flowerbird 01/12/13 - 22:11 Perfect riddle... not hard :)
46. Cawulla 09/05/14 - 17:03 Thanks TamK! Another really nice and enjoyable riddle!
47. LinR 22/06/14 - 18:59 Thank you, TamK, for the wonderful trip to Greece. That was a lot of fun and educational as well!!!!
48. TbTn 05/07/14 - 16:12 Thanks TamK for a great riddle. :)
49. linkinpark333 04/10/14 - 18:17 Finally done! Interesting as always
50. daffythedack-CHRISTINA 25/11/2014 - 23:19 The best game ever played thenk you all!!!